The A1 Licence course is the same as the Direct Access course (which is explained in the next section below) other than it is all done on the 125cc, which means you wouldn’t do the two-hour lesson where you move onto the larger machine.

Customer Notice: CBT’s & lessons may take place outside of the shops normal opening hours so please check your start times if unsure


A2 LICENCE (over the age of 19) & A LICENCE (over the age of 24)

Once you have completed a CBT the next step is to move up on to the larger machine. This will be the bike that you will be taking your test on, so you will have a two-hour lesson where you will be introduced to the larger bike to get yourself comfortable firstly riding on our training area, then once comfortable finishing the lesson by going for a ride on the road. This is a no-pressure lesson it is simply to get you comfortable on the larger bike.

The next lesson is where we start to look towards your module 1 test. The module 1 test consists of a lot of slow control riding, so we go back to basics and spend two hours on Clutch Control, U-Turns, Figure of Eights & Emergency Stops. We will also be keeping a close eye on your riding, making sure that you’re heading in the right direction for passing your module 2 test as well.

The next two-hour lesson is where we concentrate on the manoeuvres in preparation for your Module 1 Test. This consists of riding up to the Chester Test Centre & practicing module 1 on the actual test site.

On the day of your Module 1 test, we ride you to & from your test, with a little practice of your slow control & Emergency Stop just before your test. The final two-hour lesson is where we prepare you for your Module 2 test. Throughout the lesson, we will be making sure that you are reaching test standards & have a clear understanding of what the Examiner will be looking for during your test. We can also at an extra charge offer you a three-hour lesson, where we would take you around the test routes of your desired test centre.

The Final part is when we will ride you to & from the test centre on the day of your Module 2.

Motorcycle Theory Test


Before you can book your Practical Test you need to have passed a Theory & Hazard Perception Test. This is done at a DSA centre (our nearest is Liverpool) You can start your training without having done your Theory but it is advisable to pass this as soon as possible so you can book a practical test date to work towards.

There are many discs, websites and phone apps to assist in your preparation towards your theory test.


Once you have passed your Theory & Hazard Perception Test you can now think about booking your Practical Tests.

We can book both your Module 1 & Module 2 tests.  We will ensure that you have sufficient time between both test dates so that if for any reason you can't take your Module 1 test you will still be in the cancellation period to change your Module 2 test without being charged.

The practical tests take place with the DSA at their Multi-Purpose Test Centre (MPTC) our nearest is Chester or St Helens.

Motorcycle Practical Test

If you are booking your tests yourself, make sure that you let us know the dates and times. Also, make sure that you book the appropriate lessons.

Theory & Practical Test Booking

0300-200-1122 & follow the instructions or online at & search for either book your theory or book your practical

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